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Welcome to Katheryn Winnick Central, your newest, most complete and up-to-date fansite for Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick. You might know her from the TV series appearances, Bones or Nikita, or one of her many movies, such as Killers, When Nietzsche Wept, Cold Souls or The Dark Tower. For the last four years she's been know as the badass shieldmaiden turned Queen, Lagertha, on History's Vikings series. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for the most recent updates.

I’ll add more photos, interviews, and videos as I find them. Sometimes the photos are added to the archive over 2-3 days.




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Here’s a fun photo from EW.


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Here’s Katheryn with her Call of Duty: WW2 castmates posing for Entertainment Weekly.


She also stopped by WIRED cafe.



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On to Vikings day at Comic Con!!

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Magazine Scans > 2017 Scans > 2017 The Red Bulletin – August


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RED BULLETINThe Vikings star talks about why she doesn’t feel pressure in Hollywood, her new film The Dark Tower and her very dedicated fanbase.


Long before she became a fiery shield maiden on the hit show Vikings, Katheryn Winnick was kindling her inner warrior in the suburbs of Toronto. At age 7, she was learning taekwondo, and by the time she was 21, she was running three martial arts schools. When she made the transition into acting a few years later, Winnick’s fighting skills occasionally popped up on her lengthy list of film and TV credits—including guest spots on nearly every network procedural (CSI, Law & Order, House, Bones, Person of Interest) in the past 15 years.


But it wasn’t until her role as Lagertha on Vikings that the 39-year-old actress found a character that truly embodied the mental and physical strength she had developed as a confident young martial artist. Now filming the show’s fifth season in Ireland, Winnick took a break to discuss why she doesn’t feel pressure in the cutthroat business that is Hollywood, her new film The Dark Tower and what it’s like to see a tattoed depiction of herself on someone’s chest.


THE RED BULLETIN: Your parents got your entire family into taekwondo—sounds like a unique way to spend time together.


KATHERYN WINNICK: It was the best thing that ever happened. It just bonded us. It’s one of those few sports that you can do at any level, and all do at the same time. Even though it’s an individual sport, you can do it based on your own personal goals, depending on your age and physical ability. I think every family should do martial arts together.


You started your first taekwondo school when you were 16. Did that entrepreneurial spirit come from your family, too?


Definitely. My dad was an entrepreneur, and he took risks. At that point in my life, taking a risk to start a business didn’t seem so risky because I knew that I had a roof over my head and I had family that would encourage me. We come from humble beginnings. I had no financial assistance whatsoever, but I did have the emotional support and my mom helped me with the accounting. I wanted to create my own reality, and the only way of doing that is to be your own business owner. I took what I knew at that time, taekwondo, and I excelled at it. No one’s going to give anything to you. You’ve got to work hard for yourself.


Acting can be an inconsistent career. How did you stay focused during the times when you weren’t working?


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Hopefully I’ll find the other photos from the magazine but until then you can read the interview here! Katheryn looks amazing as always 🙂




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**Thanks to PicturePub for the 2012 Photoshoot

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Sorry these are so late. I’m still recovering and have another surgery next week so there maybe more delays but I’ll do the best I can!



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I was able to get some great outtakes from shoots that Katheryn has done.




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If you repost them, please credit katheryn-winnick.net and don’t remove our tag please.

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