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Welcome to Katheryn Winnick Central, your newest, most complete and up-to-date fansite for Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick. You might know her from the TV series appearances, Bones or Nikita, or one of her many movies, such as Killers, When Nietzsche Wept, Cold Souls or The Dark Tower. For the last four years she's been know as the badass shieldmaiden turned Queen, Lagertha, on History's Vikings series. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr for the most recent updates.


CARTERMATT – The Vikings season 5 midseason finale is coming on History in just a matter of days now, and given that this is Vikings you are probably well aware of one thing that is absolutely going to be coming out: Violence. War is brewing, and it’s a war that could end up eventually leading to a massive loss of life. We’re definitely intrigued to see how this story wraps up, and we can only hope that there is a way in which it happens that surprises us.


Also, we hope that nobody else dies via bee. That has to be one of the most unfortunate ways possible to go.


The characters of Lagertha and Heahmund are absolutely in the spotlight coming up with this battle, but with their new-found relationship, they actually have something to fight for. They have an understanding that has evolved already into something more, and it’s something that could be explored if they each manage to survive what lies ahead.


We know that for Lagertha, getting into a relationship with Heahmund in the first place is no easy thing. That’s something that Katheryn Winnick explains further to TV Guide:


“For Lagertha to get into another relationship or have any kind of connection or bond with anybody, there has to be, at this stage of her life, past a physical attraction; it has to be a mental attraction or a spiritual connection, and I feel that is evident in her relationship with Heahmund … They both need each other at this point in their lives. They help each other, and that connection will be explored more onscreen.”‘


It is already clear that Heahmund has no easy task ahead of him, mostly because there isn’t all that great of a track record for Lagertha love interests on this show. Sure, he is absolutely different from most of them, but that only matters to a certain extent. While he may very very much distinctive thanks to his mind and his ideology, much of that washes away in the midst of the battlefield.



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